It's true ... you haven't heard from Traditions Engraving lately. There's a good reason for our absence. We have been quite busy lately, researching and testing new products as well as making plans for the upcoming events we will be attending.

Our first year of "going public" with our personalized engraved items went well. We probably could have spent a little more time and effort marketing our business, but it actually worked out as we were a little fearful of becoming too big, too fast. The last thing we want to do is make promises we can't keep. We'd rather build our business slower and concentrate on customer service, than throw out items that were of poor quality just to make a sale. The craft venues we attended were fun, as it is always good to meet with the public, especially here in the local area where we are based.

We could just sit back and get comfortable attending local events and marketing the same items, but we've decided to step outside of our comfort zone to offer new and exciting products, as well as attend venues in other areas and get our name out there. It's exciting to think about developing these new products and listening to what the public likes about them. The fact that we offer custom and personalized items, opens up product lines that many people are unfamiliar with. Our products reach so many areas ... corporations, education, manufacturing, recreational, and the general public. Being diversified in so many areas means we have nearly unlimited options.

We're mentioned new products several times over the past few months, and we're not quite ready to spill the beans yet on these items. Once we are finished making samples, there's product photography, descriptions to be written and our website, Facebook and Twitter to update. It's a big task, and we're slowly inching toward the big reveal. Until that time, please take it easy these last few weeks of Winter ... the constant snow has dampened some spirits, and strained a few backs as we dig out of this mess. But as of today, it's only 31 days until Spring and that gives all of us hope!

We'll be communicating more through social media as we get closer to our new product line announcement. Until then, grab a snack and a warm blanket ... enjoy a good movie and rest up as we wait for the big thaw.