Bamboo Cutting Board - Fredericktown Bandstand

This bamboo cutting board features the bandstand, located on the town square in Fredericktown, Ohio. The text above the image reads,

where I was born
where I was raised
where I keep all my

Our paddle shaped bamboo cutting boards make a decorative display piece in your kitchen. We engrave our custom designs into the bamboo - you won't find these designs anywhere else! While the cutting board can be functional, we recommend they be used primarily for decorative purposes. It is not recommended to prepare food on the engraved side of the board. Each cutting board has accompanying care instructions so you can take the best care of your bamboo product.

Do you offer custom or personalized cutting boards?
Yes! If you have an idea for a custom bamboo cutting board to give as a gift or for yourself, contact us at

PLEASE NOTE: Bamboo cutting boards are made up of many strips of bamboo. One strip may engrave very light, and the next strip is very dark. This is the nature of the product and we cannot anticipate how it will appear. Please understand that your cutting board may or may not look like the sample shown. Each cutting board will be unique and may have light and dark engraved areas.

13.5" x 7"
1.304 lbs