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Custom Engraving - Music Stand

A common question we receive when it comes to engraving is, "What if I already have an item, can I have it engraved?" This question was asked of me by my cousin who lives in Florida. The Music Minister of his church was relocating to Texas and he wanted to surprise him with a personally engraved music stand.

My cousin found plans in a woodworking publication and he slightly altered them to suit the purpose of the gift. He took about 60 hours to create the music stand, which is made out of cherry and curly maple. 



The sheet music was provided in a high quality PDF file and was engraved on the top of the stand. What made the job difficult was making sure the lines of the staff line up from one side to another. One side was engraved reading left to right, while the other side had to be engraved upside down due to the angle of the side of wood. The actual engraving was completed in less time than it took for the set-up. When you have one chance to engrave on a one-of-a-kind item, you take as much time as you feel comfortable in order to get it right.


As my father used to tell me, "measure twice, cut once." I measured several times before allowing that powerful beam of light to rip into the wood. When it was all over, I had a sigh of relief as everything lined up and it looked great.

So, to answer that common question ... it all depends on what it is you need engraved. I can't possible list everything that can or can't be engraved here, but I'm always happy to help out ... leave me a voicemail or send me an email, and I'll answer your question, usually within a couple hours or less.


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