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Lady justice award

Lady Justice Resin Award

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This beautiful statue of Lady Justice is impressive and displays five distinct features. She is blindfolded, which represents the notion of impartiality or non-bias. She holds the Scales of Justice in her left hand, which symbolizes the heart of law and the duty to consider both sides presented. The sword in her right hand represents a sense of authority and power, and that justice can be administered quickly and in its final manner. There is a snake at her feet that represents evil, and a book that represents the Constitution from which our justice system was born.

A powerful award that would honor an attorney, judge or other law professional who upholds these virtues and all that is just. The symbolism is not lost, nor the message this award conveys.

Standing at 10-1/2" tall, we can also mount this beautiful resin award to a wooden base for an additional charge, that would allow for a larger plate for engraving and a more robust appearance. Contact us for additional information.

Engraving is FREE - we don't charge per word or character.

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