• Leatherette Drink Sleeve
  • Leatherette Drink Sleeve
  • Leatherette Drink Sleeve
  • Leatherette Drink Sleeve

Leatherette Drink Sleeve

So when you pick up your hot beverage from your favorite establishment, you become a walking billboard ... did you know that? Everyone you come in contact with sees that logo with the green mermaid, golden arches, or even that Canadian doughnut place. You know who I'm talking about because you know THEIR brand.

Isn't it time you leave them with the impression of YOUR brand?? Why advertise the coffee shop? Instead, advertise YOUR company, organization or school mascot!!

These leatherette drink sleeves are water resistant, easy to clean and durable. Easily fits cups from your favorite coffee shop, fast food restaurant, or a latte cup ... the difference being, people see what you want them to see.

We can personalize these two-sided sleeves with your corporate logo and/or contact information, school mascot, or just about anything! These make a great advertisements when you give them to clients ... they advertise your services wherever your client takes their hot or cold drink. Even with a large staff, we can personalize each sleeve individually to make this a truly custom gift at a very affordable price!

The attractive sleeve protects your hand and fingers from hot drinks, or keeps your fingers dry from the condensation of enjoying an ice cold beverage. Easily fits in purse or pocket, so it's always available when you need it. The personalization is engraved, meaning it will not wash or scratch off!  

• Each sleeve can be individually personalized
• Great for hot or cold beverages
• Contact us for quantity discounts
• Black sleeve engraves a light gold or silver color (your choice)
• Light brown or rawhide sleeves engrave black

Engraving is FREE - include your company logo!

Engraving Text / Image
Before you purchase, simply email us at TraditionsEngraving@gmail.com with your message and/or organization logo. A proof will be emailed back to you for approval prior to engraving.