• Red Alder and Walnut Plaque

Red Alder and Walnut Plaque

This Red Alder plaque features vertical edging in rich Walnut This accent to the plaque enhances its appearance and sets it apart from all the rest. This plaque does not require a metal plate. The engraving is performed directly onto the wood, revealing a warm brown color. Text and company logos hold their sharp edge with this type of plaque. The back of the plaque has two keyholes to display vertically or horizontally.

A variety of plaque sizes are available.
7" x 9"
8" x 10"
9" x 12"
10.5" x 13"

As always, engraving is FREE!

Engraving Details
Following your purchase, simply email us at TraditionsEngraving@gmail.com with the information to be engraved on the plaque. A proof will be emailed back to you for approval prior to engraving.